In a society with constantly increasing demands in the working environment, MEDAHCON provides advice as a flexible, internationally active, external consultant and gives support by writing a wide range of medical contents. This enables our customers to maintain a well balanced work load, to maintain continuity of projects and to act quickly and competently on the current market situation.

Our individual services in particular address the exploratory pharmaceutical industry, but also include services for medically oriented health care associations and federations as well as hospitals and pharmacies. Based on many years of medical expertise and practical experience in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) as well as industry knowledge, tailor-made solutions will be prepared for our customers.

The MEDAHCON GmbH, a company based in Bonn/Germany, was founded in the year 2008 by Mrs. Andrea Rathmann-Schmitz, Ph.D. as Managing Director.

The MEDAHCON GmbH consists of an experienced, skilled and flexible scientific team, which is specialised in a wide range of areas. We work in close cooperation with physicians and natural scientists in a stable network, and as a team we are additionally supported in different areas of expertise through external partners/consultants.


In order to characterise us with a few keywords, we would use the following:

scientific - professional - creative - reliable - experienced - flexible - efficient - extraordinary!