16 years of consistent social and medical-scientific commitment by the MEDAHCON GmbH

Verband der Medizin- und Wissenschaftsjournalisten e. V. (VMWJ)

The Association of Medical and Science Journalists e. V. (Verband der Medizin- und Wissenschaftsjournalisten e. V.) represents the interests of medical and science journalists in Germany. In 2012, the three former organisations "Vereinigung der Deutschen Medizinischen Fach- und Standespresse e. V.", "Arbeitskreis Medizinpublizisten/Klub der Wissenschaftsjournalisten e. V." and the "Kollegium der Medizinjournalisten" merged under the name VMWJ. The association is therefore the oldest (founded in 1894) and, with over 700 members, the largest medical journalist association in Germany.

June 2008           Membership Andrea Rathmann-Schmitz Ph.D. in the Kollegium der Medizin-
                          journalisten (KdM) under the umbrella organisation VDMJ (Verband Deutscher

since April 2016  continuing membership Dr. Andrea Rathmann-Schmitz in the VMWJ until today

Supporting membership



Member of the association "WISSENschaf(f)tSPASS für Bildung und Innovation im Rheinland e. V." for the preservation of the Deutsches Museum site in Bonn.

since Nov 2011    Membership Andrea Rathmann-Schmitz Ph.D. in WISSENschaf(f)tSPASS until today


Bundesverband "Das frühgeborene Kind" e. V.

Supporting membership of the German Federal organisation "Das frühgeborene Kind", Frankfurt am Main, Germany

since Jan 2010    Membership Andrea Rathmann-Schmitz Ph.D. in the Bundesverband until today

 Job opportunities

At present, we are generally not taking on any new employees. 



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